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The Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station (IAES) and the College of ACES abide by the laws, regulations and policies ensuring equal access to programs and activities supported by federal funding.  The training module entitled “Equal Access and Civil Rights” explains responsibilities for compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended for all ACES employees who receive support from the National Institutes of Food and Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture. You are required to review this training module so you may understand your responsibilities in assisting stakeholders to gain meaningful access to IAES programming. You will have an opportunity to acknowledge your understanding of the information and to confirm your commitment to doing your part in promoting civil rights. You will be expected to abide by the laws, regulations, policies and guidelines of the USDA and the IAES.  

This training module is set up such that you may have access at any time through the Compass2G learning platform. If you have any questions about the material in the module or if you have suggestions for improvement, please contact the IAES in the ACES Office of Research at (217) 333-0240.


Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station Civil Rights Training Module


Access to the Civil Rights Course in Compass2G 

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Compass2G website.  


  1. Sign into Compass2G using your NetID and Password.


  1. Browse the Course Catalog for “Civil Rights Training Module”.  The “Browse Course Catalog” button is at the bottom of the Courses page.


  1. Under Course ID you will see aces_admin_train_163235. Highlight this course with your cursor and click on the grey arrow at the right of the course id number.  You will see a drop down menu which will allow you to “enroll”.   


  1. You should review the entire module.  If you wish to return to the module, you may do so at any time. You will not be removed from the course, but if that does happen, just enroll again. 


  1. If you have any questions regarding your responsibilities in compliance with the Civil Rights Act, contact the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station in the ACES Office of Research. 


  1. After reviewing the PowerPoint presentation, you will be asked to acknowledge your understanding and to confirm your commitment to non-discrimination.  Your confirmation will be recorded automatically and will indicate that you have successfully completed the training course.   You may also print a record of your completion if you choose.  


If you have any questions or difficulties with the site, please contact the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station in the ACES Office of Research (217) 333-0240.


Other Training Resources



All faculty, staff, and students who serve on search committees are required to take this diversity online training course, available on the website. training can be accessed on a continuous basis. 


HR Series for Supervisors and Managers

The HR Seminar Series includes optional learning modules for supervisors and managers.  These training seminars are managed and offered by Human Resources in collaboration with UI ODEA and are available to University of Illinois personnel including those supported through the IAES.