Office of Research

Biospherix Hypoxia Chamber with Oxyvalidator

Room 389, Animal Science Lab
Animal Sciences
College of Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine
Romana Nowak, Matt Wheeler, and Greg Freund
Maintenance costs will be covered primarily through user fees but the remainder of the costs will be shared by Drs. Freund, Nowak and Wheeler.
A key to room 389 will be released at the request of the user. Drs. Freund, Nowak and Wheeler laboratories have permanent keys for access to room 389. Users will be able to access the calendar to schedule use of the hypoxia culture system only after completing training. Training will be performed by Drs. Massimo Bionaz and/or Andrea Braundmeier. Training sessions will run about an hour. After training, users will provide an account number for billing purposes.

Contact Information

Dr. Romana Nowak