Office of Research

Crop Sciences Research at Dixon Springs

The main research directions of the Department of Crop Sciences at Illinois are the following:

  • Improve field crops and soil-crop management,
  • Develop disease, insect and weed management strategies,
  • Evaluate and preserve crop germplasm,
  • Discover useful genes from new or unique sources to improve crops,
  • Advance frontiers of crop and pest management sciences,
  • Protect the environment.

Crop Sciences research projects are conducted on 101 acres of land owned by the University of Illinois and 140 leased acres (to accommodate the use of pesticides). Every year, there are at least 60 individual projects underway.

The site superintendent is Steve Ebelhar, who is accompanied by local research specialists. Projects include soil management, crop production, weed science, pest management, soil conservation, and environmental quality.  These projects are described in the DSAC Crop Sciences newsletters.