Office of Research

Initial Required Safety Training

The Farm Hazard Safety Training Course is mandatory for personnel working at any field research center, which includes the South Farms as well as the field research stations across the state of Illinois. First-time users of the research centers must complete the training before they begin their activities at the units. 

The Basic Farm Hazard Training module is available in the Compass2G Blackboard learning platform and can be accessed via self-enrollment using a NetID following the instructions below.  Records of completion are automatically kept in the Compass2G platform.

Farm Hazard Training Module - Access to the ACES Safety Course in Compass2G 

Use GOOGLE CHROME as the browser to access the Compass 2g website.  The Farm Hazard Training course ONLY works through this browser.  If you use any other browser you will not be able to hear the audio portion of the training and your Certificate of Completion may not print correctly.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and paste this link into the browser:
  1. Sign into Compass2G using your NetID and Password.
  1. Browse the Course Catalog for “ACES Safety”.  The “Browse” button is in the lower left hand corner of the Compass Courses page.
  1. Under Course ID you will see aces_admin_train_141366. Highlight this course with your cursor and click on the grey arrow to see a drop down menu which will allow you to “enroll”.   
  1. You will self-enroll in the training module.  The module will personalize your Certificate of Completion with your name at the end of the training.

Additional Information You May Need to Obtain Your Certificate:

  1. The training course has 4 modules.  Only the first module (Awareness) will appear when you first enter the course.  You must complete the Awareness Module, and pass the quiz, before you will be given access to the next module (Communication).  Similarly, you will only be given access to the Education Module and Safe Actions Module when you complete each module successfully.
  1. You must complete all 4 modules and successfully pass all 4 quizzes in order to access the Final Exam.  When you complete the Final Exam you will be given access to an Acknowledgement of Understanding.
  1. Open this Acknowledgement of Understanding and answer the question.    
  1. After you answer the question, you will be able to print your certificate from the “certificate” banner on the left side of the screen. 
  1. Open the ACES Safety Certificate of Completion.   On the right hand side of the certificate is a picture of a printer.  Open this print menu and you will be given options to print it ONCE or save it as a pdf file. Alternatively you could save it as an image file using the “print screen” function of your computer.   We highly recommend that you save the certificate so you can access it in the future.  You can now send the file to your departmental business office or print it from the pdf or image file and deliver a hard copy to your supervisor.   You can also email the pdf file to yourself.

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