Office of Research

Nanophotometer, Breath Analyzer, Nutrition Software, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Pathway Studio Software


The nanophotometer is used to measure nucleic acids, proteins and cell density; The breath analyzer is used  to measure metabolites by non-invasive methods in children and adults; The nutrition software tools are used to measure nutrient intake analysis  and there is a software program that allows integration of several platforms and integration in systems biology pathways.

Nanophotometer: Room 201 of Bevier Hall, Breath analyzer: Room 199 Bevier Hall, Nutrition software, Ingenuity Pathway Analyziz and Pathway studion software: Room 469 Bevier Hall
Food Science and Human Nutrition
Margarita Teran-Garcia, Sharon Donovan, H. Rex Gaskins, Sandra Rodriguez Zas, Hong Chen, Angela Wiley, Strong Kids Team
Nanophotometer: No Fee Breath analyzer: $100 nominal fee Nutrition software, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Pathway studio software: None
Web calendar scheduling system. Keys to the rooms for approved and trained users will be available upon request in the general offices of Bevier 260.

Contact Information

Dr. Margarita Teran-Garcia
217-244 2025