Office of Research

OIP Announces ACES International Joint Research Grant Awardees

Published February 18, 2016

The Office of International Programs (OIP) in the College of ACES with the support of the ACES Office of Research congratulates the most recent awardees of the International Joint Research Program.

This program, in its second year, supports ACES faculty who work jointly with researchers who are based at approved peer institutions abroad and are funded at a matching level by their own institution or another agency.

The researchers/projects/partners listed below were awarded funding in late 2015:   

Mary Arends-Kuenning and Kathy Baylis (Agricultural and Consumer Economics) with International Crops Research Center for the Semi-Arid Tropics: “Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Nutritional Outcomes in Southern Africa”

Gustavo Caetano-Anolles (Crop Sciences) with Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil: “Untangling the Diversification of Bacterial and Fungal Plant Pathogens for Improved Agriculture”

Richard Cooke and Maria Chu (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) with Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ), Brazil: “Computational Modeling of the Impact of Drainage Design on Crop Yields and Nutrient Losses under Climate Change”

Matthew Stasiewicz (Food Science and Human Nutrition) with the University of Nairobi, Kenya: “Developing Optical Sorting System to Manage Mycotoxin Contamination of Locally Hammer-milled Maize in Eastern Kenya”

Pawan S. Takhar (Food Science and Human Nutrition) with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), The Philippines: “A Multiscale Approach for Predicting Quality Changes in Rice During Cooking”

Yong-Su Jin and Michael Miller (Food Science and Human Nutrition) with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: “Impact of Edible Polysaccharide Gels and Capsules Containing SCFAs on Gut Microbiota”

Yuanhui Zhang (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) with China Agricultural University: “Hydrothermal Processing of Human Waste for Water Reuse and Renewable Energy”