Office of Research

Strategic Events at Dixon Springs

Stewardship week event

Sustainable Living Expo (October 22, 2011)

Times are hard. Unemployment is up, retirement accounts are down, and people are worried about their futures. It’s an excellent time to offer a program to help people learn how to become more self-reliant. Raising your own, making your own, building your own — making ends meet in hard times. That’s one of the major themes of the Sustainable Living Expo. Read more about the Expo.

DSAC Charrette (August 5-8, 2010)

Help envision a future for the DSAC that is sustainable. How can the University, with the support of its stakeholders and valued partners, continue its track record of excellence in agricultural research, teaching and outreach and do even more to support itself and the community it serves? Can new programs or models of operation provide more jobs, better facilities, and marketable services to the region and beyond? Read more about this event.

Stewardship Week (April 27-30, 2010)

Stewardship Week is an annual, week-long event at DSAC that exposes elementary school students to nature and natural processes and issues. The program, which began in 1990, has served thousands of students and teachers from the region. In 2010, 2954 students and 152 teachers from 29 schools in 11 counties attended the event. Read more about the 2010 Stewardship Week.