Office of Research


Recognizing and minimizing hazards are critical early steps in working safely, regardless of your work environment.  The College of ACES has developed basic hazard training for anyone who conducts work at the various field research stations.  This training is also applicable to many other agricultural facilities and is available to University of Illinois students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars. 

Completion of the Basic Farm Hazard Training Course is required before any employee, student or visiting scholar can conduct work at any of the ACES field research stations.  Complete the required basic hazard training by following the directions under “Required Safety Training”. 

Site-specific training is under development for each of the field research centers and will be posted on this website as they become available.  Watch for updates under the “Site-specific Training” link on the right side of this page.

“Additional Training” resources are being collected continually, so keep an eye on this section for updates.  If you need specific training materials and would like some help finding them, contact the ACES Safety Coordinator in the ACES Office of Research.