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UV Spectrophotometer


The UV-1800 UV-VIS spectrophotometer achieves a resolution of 1 nm, the highest in its class, in a compact design. Offering an array of user-friendly features, and can be used either as a stand-alone instrument or as a PC-controlled instrument.  A new PC has been purchased for the lab to specifically use with the UV-VIS and recently purchased TOC-LCPN. 

N 126 Turner Hall
Crop Sciences
Drs. Maria Villamil and Emerson Nafziger
The equipment will be maintained from funds that accumulate from the user fees.
Scheduling and access will be handled by Dr. Villamil's technician. There will be an hourly charge of $5 to $10.

Contact Information

Dr. Maria Villamil; Dr. Emerson Nafziger
217-333-4690; 217-333-9658;