Office of Research

New Equipment Available for ACES Researchers

12 Metabolism Units & 1 Ultrasound Unit

The metabolism units and the ultrasound unit will assist researchers in determining values for digestible and metabolizable energy in sows and also determining total tract digestibility of nutrients in sows.  These tools will also assist in conducting research within the NIFA goals.

12L Labconco Freeze Dry System

The 12L Labconco Freeze Dry System can be used for any samples that need to be dried without the use of heat. The system is equipped with a bulk tray dryer and a 6 port manifold for multiple drying options.

Agilent Bioanalyzer and ImageQuant LAS 4010

A microfluidics-based system for sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform.  The ImageQuant LAS 4010 is an imaging system for gels, blots and bacterial colonies that detects chemiluminescence, UV, visible and infrared fluorescence (including Quantum Dots) as well as ethidium bromide, silver and Coomassie-staining.

Amity 3 Point Hitch Soil Sampler

The Researcher model (3 point Hitch Soil Sampler) features swing-away probes that accommodate P.E.T.G. sleeves. These sleeves preserve the sample and reduce carryover contaminants between samples.

Argus Control System - Turner Hall Greenhouse

Upgrading Turner Hall Greenhouse with Argus will provide better environmental controls, the ability to monitor these conditions remotely, and reduced energy use.

Automated Recording Units (Repairs & Calibration)

Currently NRES has a total of 8 ARU's which needed repair and updated calibration.

Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter, Algal Online Monitor for Biophysical Characterization of Algae Photosynthesis …
Biospherix Hypoxia Chamber with Oxyvalidator
BUCHI Mini Spray Dryer B-290

The Mini Spray dryer is unique in its ability to prepare dried particles from a small quantity of feed sample.  One significant factor is that small sample sizes (less than 200 mL) can be processed & powders can be collected with high yield.  The unit is particularly useful for the processing of delicate and valuable bioactive compounds, micro particles, nano particle agglomerates and

Calorimetry Units

Three units of indirect calorimeters for determining gas exchange for animals. This equipment is necessary to determine net energy of diets and feed ingredients, amino acid oxidation of diets, and animal reactions to changes in dietary and environmental conditions.

Cary Eclipse Fluorometer & AKTA Purifier

To be used for studies on enzymes kinetics, biomolecular interactions, protein folding and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer and protein purification.  As well as the study of protein biochemistry.

Composite Rotors and Sorvoll Centrifuge

Centrifuge rotors that enable the applications of nanoparticles and techniques for nutrition research.

EchoMRI system

This free-standing MRI equipment is a composition analyzer for rodents and other samples (eggs) up to 700 g. It estimates free water, body water, body fat and lean mass in live animals without anesthetization.

Epigenetic Station

The Epigenetic Station includes: Sonicating BioRuptor, Mid-range temperature controlled centrifuge, precision high speed shakers, a variable temperature water bath and  an ultralow sample freezer.  This equipment will allow faculty to streamline sample processing for epigenetic research. 

FIA System

The Lachat Quickchem is a flow-injection analyzer to measure concentrations of ionic species in soils and waters.

Food Intake Monitoring and Calorimetery System
FreeZone 6 Liter Console Freeze Dryer

This equipment will be used for freeze-drying or lyophilization of foods and agricultural materials.  The FreeZone 6 Liter Console Freeze Dryer consists of a 6 liter freeze dry unit with Teflon coating, a 16 port drying chamber and a 195 liter rotary vane vacuum pump.

Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer & Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (GC/MS & AAS)

Will be used for the evaluation of composition, bioavailability and bio efficacy of novel micro/nano products and formulations.

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) for measuring metabolic fluxes, fingerprinting target metabolites, and identifying unknown compounds in various model systems (microorganism, plant, animal, and human).

Gel Logic 4000 PRO System

The Gel Logic 4000 PRO imager offers innovative and advanced functionality for quick capture of high resolution images.  Also included is a 3-user full feature version of the Carestream molecular imaging software.  This equipment replaces the current Kodak Image Station.

Greenhouse Gas Analyzer- CO2, Methane & Nitrous Oxide

This equipment will be used to study nitrous oxide, methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Managed and Natural Ecosystems.

Hammer Mill (Dry) and UV & Visible Spectrophotometer

The Spectrophotometric quantification is a robust, reliable and reputable technique for characterizing a wide variety of cellular and biochemical processes.  The Hammer Mill can be used for size reduction of cellulosic biomass, cereal grains and other entergy crops  This process increases specific surface are and decrease degree of polymerization by opening up the structure.

High Performance Computing Cluster

36 Compute Nodes, 432 cores, 1.4 terabytes RAM, 20 Terabytes Additional Storage

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) permits quantification of compounds (i.e., metabolites or biomarkers) related to carbohydrate, protein, and vitamin chemistry.

Ion Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) Instrument (Agilent 7500S)

The ultra-high sensitivity Agilent ICP-MS is capable of measuring multiple isotopes of multiple elements in a single sample. It is also coupled to a novel system for chromatographic analysis of mercury species.


Illumina Beadarray technology applications include expression analysis, SNP genotyping for genome‐wide association studies, QTL mapping, copy number variations, and methylation analysis. Illumina provides off‐the‐shelf high‐density SNP Beadarrays for maize, Arabidopsis, human, bovine, canine, sheep, and pig with additional assays planned as genome sequence becomes available.

Modified Ussing Chambers

Modified Ussing Chambers allow for measurement of ion and nutrient transport using electrophysiological principals.

Mumford Hall Faculty/Grad Student High Performance Computer Lab

Creating a high-performance computer laboratory for faculty and graduate students based in Mumford Hall.  It will carry three Dell Precision T7500n Dual Processor workstations which will be loaded with a 24-cord version of Stata/MP software.  This centralization will allow for excellent collaboration among the community of grad students.  Aslo within this computer lab will be 11 Windows-based machines with the following specifications:  OptiPlex 990 Mini Tower, Core i7 2600 processor and a 8-core version of Stata/MP.

Nanophotometer, Breath Analyzer, Nutrition Software, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and Pathway Studio Software

The nanophotometer is used to measure nucleic acids, proteins and cell density; The breath analyzer is used  to measure metabolites by non-invasive methods in children and adults; The nutrition software tools are used to measure nutrient intake analysis  and there is a software program that allows integration of several platforms and integration in systems biology pathways.

Perten Diode Array 720 -- Near Infrared Analyzer
Plant Growth Chambers
Portable Respirometry Units

The Portable Respirometry Units are comprised of:  FOXBOX-C Field Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analysis System, RH-300 Relative humidity/Dewpoint meter with serial and RM-8 eight channel respirometer multiplexer, UI-2 Universal Interface II eight channel 16-bit A/D converter for Flow-bar-4 channel mass flow metering system for flow rates with analog & serial outputs.  With these components researchers will study organisms physiological adaptations to their environments.

Relative Humidity Calibrator

(Vaisala, model-HMK15): with 4 chambers, 4 salt packets, ion exchanged water, mercury thermometer, carrying bag and English manual. The salt solutions are references to calibrate 4 levels of relative humidity: LiCl = 11%RH, MgCl2 = 33%RH, NaCl = 75%RH, and K2SO4 = 97%RH.

Repair of Existing Equipment: Re-calibrated Environics Diluter System
Research Track Sprayer

The Research Track Sprayer is designed for precision application of pesticides to plants.

Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

Temperature blackbody calibrator (Omega, model BB701): Calibrates infrared thermometers. Range: -18.8oC to 150oC.

Temperature Calibrator for RTDs, Thermocouples, and Transmitters

Omega, model-CL134-1; Serial 8841: Cool and heat source (calibration range: -30oC to 700oC), with universal jaw and standard holes.

UV Spectrophotometer

The UV-1800 UV-VIS spectrophotometer achieves a resolution of 1 nm, the highest in its class, in a compact design. Offering an array of user-friendly features, and can be used either as a stand-alone instrument or as a PC-controlled instrument.  A new PC has been purchased for the lab to specifically use with the UV-VIS and recently purchased TOC-LCPN. 

UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotomer

UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotomer has the ability to track, to calculate and store data and is required to determine concentrations of a variety compounds contained in foods, feeds and raw materials; in enzymatic and oxidative reactions; and to identify and quantify the various pigments which affect appearance. It can also be used in the reflectance mode to determine reflection at pre-selected wavelengths and use them to calculate commonly used color terms (L*, a*, b*, delta E, chroma).

Water Bath

Cole-Parmer, model 12117-70: 13-liter programmable controller low temperature refrigerated/heated circulating bath, 120VAC, 140 pounds (operation range: -40oC to 200oC).

Wintersteiger Classic Plot Combine

The Wintersteiger Classic is a research combine equipped to harvest small grain research plots. The header width is approximately 4 feet.

WPA4C Dewpoint Potentiameter

The WP4 Dewpoint Potentiameter measures water potential in 5 to 10 minutes depending on the sample. Range: 0 to -300 MPa with a resolution of 0.1 MPa.