Office of Research

Crop Sciences Research and Education Center


South Farms

Located adjacent to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus, on the South Farms, the mission of the 1,000-acre Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (CSREC) is to provide land, equipment, and facilities for plant/soil research through a field laboratory setting. The CSREC assists scientists and Extension personnel by providing a central place to plan, coordinate, and conduct field research. It supports on-campus teaching by providing field laboratory facilities for graduate students as well as educating undergraduates through work and field-trip experiences. Extension and international agricultural efforts are strengthened by organized field days such as Agronomy Day, special tours, and training sessions to meet the needs of the agricultural community.

The Beef and Sheep Research Facility and the Poultry Research Facility are also located on the South Farms.

Further information is available on the Crop Sciences site.