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Special Reports

cover of Food for Thought 2

Sustainability report cover.


Food for Thought 2:

Addressing the world's food insecurity through research and extension

Includes articles about research projects and extension efforts related to food insecurity.


Food for Thought

Food for Thought (flip pdf)

Includes articles on research pertaining to the world's food- and nutrition-related issues.

Sustainability report cover.


Sustainability (flip pdf)

Includes a collection of articles on research pertaining to sustaining ecology, society, and the economy.

Energy cover


Energy (flip pdf)

Includes articles on research pertaining to energy – Ethanol, biofuels, recycling, and more.

Illinois Acres cover

Illinois Acres

Illinois Acres (flip pdf)

Includes articles on statewide research and information about the agricultural research and education centers throughout the state of Illinois.