Office of Research

Research Academy

The ACES Office of Research created the Research Academy to help new faculty members in the early years of their career. It is a unique program to help them navigate the road to tenure.

Elvira de Mejia, Interim Assistant Dean of Research and Food Science and Human Nutrition professor, is the director of the academy. Department heads in the College of ACES are asked to nominate assistant professors who are in the early stage of their careers for the two-semester commitment in the academy.

The Academy offers grant-writing workshops, information on how to manage time effectively, assistance from senior faculty on developing a tenure plan and preparing tenure documentation, and tools for monitoring, identifying, writing, and securing research funds. One of the highlights of the program is a trip to Washington, D.C., which helps them develop relationships with agencies that may be able to provide them with funding, and strategies for presenting their work to these agencies.

For further information about the Research Academy, contact Dr. de Mejia directly.


2014 Research Academy Members

Front Row(from Left to Right) Dr. Morgan Hayes, Dr. Sharon Nickols, Dr. Venera Bekteshi, Dr. Megan Dailey and Dr. Brenna Ellison.

Back Row(from Left to Right) Dr. Nathan Schroeder, Dr. Paul Davidson, Dr. Karen Tabb Dina, Dr. Neal Merchen, Associate Dean for Research, Dean Robert Hauser, Dr. Laura Selmic, Dr. Dustin Boler and Dr. Paul Eubig