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There’s a lot of noise about the environment, food, families, agriculture, health, and finances on social media these days…and in the University of Illinois College of ACES, we have scientists available to discuss these topics that are on your mind and in the news. Join us for our regularly scheduled live Twitter chats using #askACES. During these one-hour chats, our ACES scientists will be online to answer your questions. We’ll follow this chat up with a taped podcast that you can go back and reference at any time. Our goal is simple – to connect you to the science and help answer your questions.

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Invasive Species


Invasive species are found throughout Illinois, but are these exotic invaders actually damaging? What can be done about them? Chris Evans, forestry extension and research specialist, and Dr. Eric Larson, assistant professor, both of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, discuss if invasive species are cause for concern or just hype!

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